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The Finished Dreams Approach: Fair, Honest and Efficient

So, how do we get started with your project at Finished Dreams Restoration LLC? We perform the highest quality workmanship available on Muscle Cars, Classic Cars, Street Rods, Auto Restoration, Trucks and everything in between! We first focus on understanding your specific needs related to your unique car project.  We establish a good line of communication with you so that we understand what you want, we recommend options on how best to proceed with your restoration and then we implement your decisions.  Our goal is to build your dream ride with quality and precision so that you will have a durable restoration with mechanical dependability.

Our services are billed by the Time and Materials basis.  The condition of the car and your choices will determine the amount of time and the cost necessary to complete the project.  Every project that we undertake is unique and due to the nature of auto restoration, there are many variables involved that could add to the complexity of the project. Variables include but are not limited to: hidden sheet metal rust, availability of original car parts, condition of salvage parts, the adaptability of reproduction metal parts. We will thoroughly inspect your car and document the restoration options. This document will be used to guide events for all phases of the restoration so that we can manage to a successful conclusion of the project.

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At regular intervals we will provide documentation on your car project that will include:

  • Photos covering all aspects of the restoration from start to finish
  • Invoices that contain charges for labor, parts and materials
  • Monthly statements showing account balance

To keep you involved with the progress of your auto restoration, we will use digital cameras to scan digital photos and send them to you via email or computer disc. This allows you to check on the auto's progress and it also provides verification of services performed or parts installed. Our billing process is fairly simple. All labor is billed on a time and materials basis.  To take advantage of our parts discounts, customers can set up a credit card to charge parts and materials at cost.

Dodge Challenger Restoration - Classic Cars
  • A draw is required to start your account.  Usually, $5,000 - $7,500.
  • As work progresses on the project, labor is deducted from this draw; Parts and materials are charged to the customer's credit card.  Detailed monthly statements reflecting labor charges, parts and materials and payment offsets will be provided.
  • As the balance nears $0, an additional draw will be required to continue work. Maintaining a positive account balance is necessary to ensure uninterrupted work on your project.  This process continues until the project is completed.
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